Photo illustrant la mission "Insertion professionnelle pour les femmes en Bolivie", avec Lifetime Projects


In Bolivia, more than 75% of women aged between 15 and 49 currently suffer from psychological, physical or verbal violence. In this dramatic context, LifeTime Projects works with two Bolivian homes for young girl survivors of sexual abuse and human trafficking. Due to a difficult past, these girls suffer from a cruel lack of self esteem and major trust issues. The LifeTime Projects’ team has therefore set up an empowerment project to help these girls regain confidence in themselves and learn skills and techniques such as microentrepreneurship and handicrafts in order to prepare them for their new lives outside of the homes.

Presentation of the mission:

Diseñando Sueños, which means “create our dreams”, is a project directly inspired by young Bolivian women who dream to become accomplished as individuals and as women. The main aim is to give these young ladies the opportunity to get involved in handicraft projects in order to develop their skills and their network but also to help them build a better future.

Through sewing and jewelry making lessons, the Diseñando Sueños project allows these women to acquire new competencies in crafts. Thanks to  professional psychological care, the young women are guided through their projects. Moreover, their soft skills are developed through  self-confidence and public speaking workshops. Finally, this project offers women the occasion to create and develop their professional and social networks, which will help them once they leave the centre.

Diseñando Sueños: our video

Your involvement

As a volunteer, your involvement in this project can have a significant impact on the situation of these young women. Your knowledge and skills in crafts (jewelry, fashion design, sewing and recycling), entrepreneurship, preparation for work (job hunting, simulated job interviews etc.) but also in personal development (self-esteem, life goals, empowerment and therapy through the arts) will be beneficial for the concretisation of the project Diseñando Sueños.

Rates of donation for your humanitarian mission in Bolivia with LifeTime Projects

Number of weeks of stayRate of donation
3 weeks1 441 €
4 weeks1 590 €
5 weeks1 729 €
6 weeks1 866 €
7 weeks2 000 €
8 weeks2 131 €
9 weeks2 311 €
10 weeks2 488 €

NB : after 10 weeks, the charged fee is 150 euros per extra week.

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