Photo illustrant la mission "Refuge pour animaux sauvages au Guatemala", avec Lifetime Projects


Guatemala is a country with a varied and rich ecosystem. This Central American country is home to tropical forests, high plateaus, mountains, volcanic land, and coastal plains. Unfortunately, the wild animals that live here suffer from the impact of human activity on the environment.

That’s why LifeTime Projects went into partnership with Arcas, a Guatemalan NGO that is in charge of a refuge for wild animals. The aim of this mission is to take care of the animals to enable their reintroduction to nature.

Presentation of the mission

The mission in the refuge for wild animals aims for the well-being, the rehabilitation and the reintroduction of the animals to their natural environment. In fact, the refuge is home to mistreated animals who were sold in the black market or suffered from deforestation and growing tourism.

During this mission, volunteers will have the opportunity to take care of wild and exotic species. Scarlets macaws, starchy parrots, kinkajous, spiders monkey, howler monkeys, peccaries, coatis, margays, jaguars, etc. In the wild animals’ refuge, the volunteers are in charge of breeding the animals, feeding them and looking after their well-being. You will also have to clean their cages and the equipment used. Volunteers must adapt their schedules and their behaviours to meet the needs of the refuge and the animals.

In addition to the daily food and the animals care, you may be participating in other activities. It could be cage and other living quarters construction for animals, the implementation of educational activities or filling pens with toys, perches and other elements that can help the rehabilitation process.


The volunteers are housed in sharing homes made of wood, in the midst of the tropical forest. There are dormitories with beds, showers and bathrooms, relaxation rooms and a communal kitchen. According to the time of year, the refuge welcomes between 5 and 38 international volunteers. You will share the homes with the people already there.

Your involvement

As a volunteer for this mission, you will have to have a love for wild animals. You have to be able to adapt yourself to the working conditions according to the seasons and the needs of the project, to adapt yourself to the living condition in the jungle, sometimes far from the modern comforts you are used to. You will be working in teams with other volunteers and professionals. Patience and delicateness will be required to take care of baby animals that would be fed with a syringe.

Rates of donation for your ecological mission in Guatemala with LifeTime Projects

Number of weeks
of stay
Rate of donation
2 weeks1 370 €
3 weeks1 534 €
4 weeks1 793 €
5 weeks2 048 €

NB : after 10 weeks, the charged fee is 150 euros per extra week.

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