Lifetime Projects : illustration du parrainage du projet d'épicerie de Mama Niki au Cameroun

Why is Lifetime Projects supporting Niki ?

Niki is 38 years old. Her project had already been in place for a few years when LifeTime Projects started working with her and has the potential to evolve. Niki wants to develop her activity by making her shop more attractive and profitable with new equipment and running water.

Thanks to the funds received by Empowering Women’s Projects’ sponsorship campaign, we would like to help Mama Niki to diversify her stock and redesign the set up of her shop. Your donation will allow her to reach new clients, increase her income, and at the same time allow her daughters to stay at school as long as possible (thanks to their mother’s new income).

How much does it cost ?

Needed budget for this project (first year) = £ 725

Investment requirements

Cost in £

New stock357 £
(transport, electricity)
17 £
Fridge131 £
New shelves35 £
Management fees (10%)54 £
Monitoring of Niki’s career development131 £
TOTAL725 £

I want to help Mama Niki, I’ll make a donation

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