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Our international team

LifeTime Projects is composed of experienced people committed to humanitarian causes. The association is made up of a team in France and several branches in the countries of action.

The members in France know the countries of action perfectly and can advise you throughout the realization of your project. The French team co-develops our projects with the local teams and ensures the coherence and viability of our projects.

On site, the members of our teams are natives from the country, creating local jobs and ensuring that volunteers have a full immersive experience in the country’s culture. To facilitate communication between the volunteers and our local teams, the team speaks the local language, plus English and/or French.

International coordinator

Lifetime Projects : photo of Laetitia Craig

Laetitia Craig

Director of LifeTime Projets
Laetitia Craig is the director and founder of the association LifeTime Projects. As the international spokesperson, she is in touch with all the volunteers. Her goal? To work with you to organize the trip of your LifeTime. Laetitia studied Political Sciences and International Development in Bolivia and is always available to accompany you before, during and after your humanitarian mission.

The local teams

Lifetime Projects : photo of Pamela Michel Lizarazu

Pamela Michel Lizarazu

Co-founder of LifeTime Projects
Pamela Michel Lizarazu is the national director of LifeTime Projects in Bolivia. Co-founder of the association, Pamela has been part of the team since the beginning. She earned a bachelor with a major in Political Science at the University of Mayor de San Simon in Cochabamba. She recently earned a Master’s degree with a major in Development Studies in Geneva, a major that Pamela chose by passion, in order to use her knowledge to the service of various projects in Bolivia, her native country.

Pamela works daily with local coordinators: Fernando and Neiza. They are in charge of the smooth running of on-site projects, and are the intermediaries between volunteers and the local community, host families and local partners.

In Cameroon

Fanny Njattang is the national director of LifeTime Projects in Cameroon and has set up all of our co-development projects with our local partners. She invests herself daily in the development of the actions carried out in Cameroon.

Fanny works daily with three local coordinators: Herwin and Aaron are the intermediaries between volunteers and the local population, host families and local partners. Philomène is our project coordinator for our cooperative of home made soap project “Savon d’Atta”.

In England

Jack Skuse is the local coordinator of our environmental projects in England. As a LifeTime Projects partner, he welcomes volunteers and plays an intermediate role with the local population. With his team, he is charge of making sure on-site projects run smoothly in order to welcome and pass on his know-how to volunteers.

In Guatemala

Anna Bryant is the local coordinator of the nature and animal protection project in Guatemala. As a LifeTime Projects partner, she is in charge of -welcoming LifeTime Projects’ volunteers.

Anna works daily with local coordinators. Fernando is the volunteer coordinator for the Refuge for Wild Animals in Guatemala. Andrea is the coordinator for the Protection of Turtles. They are in charge of welcoming volunteers on site and are the intermediaries with the local population.

The office members

Like any association, LifeTime Projects meets regularly with its main members. They represent the legal responsibility of the association and together they reflect on major decisions regarding the future of the association. Finally, the office members must ensure that the association respects its social purpose, i.e. implementation of projects of international solidarity and sustainable development projects, co-developed with local populations.

Today, the office of LifeTime Projects is composed of nine people:

  • Gwenola Lausecker: president
  • Solène Conrad: treasurer
  •  Fanny El-Barwane: secretary
  • Marius Tololo: accountant
  • Rodrigo Alvarez: volunteer
  • Thibaut Espla: volunteer
  • Ophélie Martin: volunteer
  • Salomé Mimouni: volunteer
  • Flora Salomonovitch: volunteer

Volunteer members

Since the beginning, the association has been able to count on active and committed volunteers to help in its development. They are people from all horizons (young people, students, retired people…) who give their time to support the association, each in their own way and according to their interest. We thank:

  • Rodrigo Alvarez: civic service in the association for 8 months, he worked hard on the implementation of the Cooperative of Handmade Soaps in Cameroon;
  • Solène Conrad: treasurer of the association and in charge of the human resources department;
  • Iris Comin: in charge of event management;
  • Thibaut Espla: long-term volunteer and in charge of developing projects in Bolivia and Cameroon;
  • Salomé Mimouni: volunteer since 2016 and in charge of training and coaching volunteers before their departure. Initiator of the Ecological Citizenship project in Bolivia;
  • Lisa: volunteer and expert in human resources and partnership development;
  • Sarah: volunteer and in charge of communication and website writing.