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Why do humanitarian efforts with your company?

Humanitarian projects in companies present lots of advantages for the company and for its employees.
  • Team-building: humanitarian trips helps to weld groups to make them more efficient in their work in the company.
  • Motivation for employees: instead of a Christmas bonus, a ticket for a humanitarian trip can be a very motivative award!
  • Corporate image: a collaboration with LifeTime Projects will improve the image of your company, while showing the interest you have for ethics.
  • Marketing argument: offer to your employees the incredible opportunity to train them to big international and intercultural issues of this century during a humanitarian trip is a commercial and marketing argument on which it is interresting to communicate.
  • Development of human resources: a humanitarian trip allow to train employees and to improve their competences, hard-skills and soft-skills, and their open-mindness.
  • Development of new skills: the humanitarian project helps to distance yourself from the everyday life, and to develop sleeping skills. It is also a good opportunity to develop intercultural competences. The learning of a new language (Spanish) or its improvement is also a strength.
  • Competitive advantage: organise humanitarian trips is also a good way to be distinctive from your rivals.

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