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How to start a trip in your company?

All companies can allow their employees to make a humanitarian trip with LifeTime Projects. The humanitarian trip is a unique occasion to reinforce the cohesion of a group, to lead a team-building programm, or to promote the ethical and engaged politics of the compagny.

How to introduce a humanitarian trip in your company?

There are two main ways to introduce a humanitarian trip in your company:

Through the Work Concil: from its own initiative, or while asking the company to support the projects of LifeTime Projects which would be able to organise humanitarian trips for their employees. We are available for every company or Work Concil wanting to discuss about particularities. We can organise trips adapted to your attempts and needs ;

Through the Human Resources Department: More and more companies choose to support humanitarian projects abroad to improve their ethical image. Show that you are sensible to international problematics while making humanitarian with LifeTime Projects.

Our destinations

In what framework leave?

Volonteer solidarity leaves: the company allows the employee with more than 12 months of seniority to leave during a determined period for a humanitarian project. The company can finance totally or partially the trip and then shows its engagement with its employee. Volonteer solidarity leaves (French: congés de solidarité volontaires) are recognised by the French law.

Individual training leaves: (French: congé individuel de formation) is an authorisation to leave its workplace for a long duration training programm. The employee cans benefit of many helps, according to the French law.

With LifeTime Projects, you will be able to train your employees in following domains or skills:

In Bolivia :

  • Humanitarian and international issues
  • Teaching
  • Rescues
  • Women’s rights
  • Spanish and Quechua languages
  • Teamwork
  • Elaboration and management of international projects
  • Various internships (contact us for more information).

In England:

  • Team-building
  • Ecological and environmental issues
  • English language
  • Teamwork

In Guatemala:

  • Team-building
  • Ecological and environmental issues
  • Langue espagnole
  • Spanish language
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • International issues and globalisation

Prepare yourself to depart

The individual right to training (French: Droit Individuel à la Formation) is an access to a paid or indemnifyed individual training programm. Its goal is to satify both employer and employee by the signature of a training programm agreement, for optimising skills and improve results in the company.

In this framework, LifeTime Projects offers trainings for preparering a trip abroad and Spanish lessons.

The preparation’s goal is to orientate yourself about your attempts and objectives for your future mission. The training takes place before your departure and is set as following:

  • Go abroad: Information about administrative actions and procedures, living conditions in the country, sanitary conditions, and safety conditions during your trip;
  • Do the mission: To know the context of the country, to understand conditions of the mission, to take into consideration actors linkes to the project, to analyse project’s goals, and its own competences, to prepare his/her comeback;
  • Live and behave in an intercultural environment:

→ Being sensibilised and acquire knowlegde about international cooperation in a globalised context, about North/South relations, about development and international solidarity;

→ Being prepared to discover a different context, to live “the intercultural”, to manage “clashes”.

The Spanish language learning programm aims to give you base knowledge which will be useful for a mission in Guatemala or Bolivia. Your current level of Spanish does not matter, our teachers will prepare adaptaed lessons for your skills and attempts. This training programm can take place in France or in the country of your mission, combined with a humanitarian project.

As a part of a team-building programm: why wouldn’t you go with one or many teams of employees? Travelling and working together on a humanitarian project will help them to communicate, to forge themselve into a team, and to become concretely a team. LifeTime Projects will help you to choose the most adapted project.

As a sign of recognition to your employees: best awards cannot be always measured in money, sometimes, a good regnition is enough. Why wouldn’t you offer a humanitarian trip instead of a bonus? Or as an award for the best employee? Why wouldn’t you offer the dream of their life to your employees ? A humanitarian trip where they will discover a new country, a new culture, as a gift from their company!

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