Our partners

Alongside LifeTime Projects, there are the local relays, who are our partners in the field and who guarantee quality service and your safety, and there are also the structures that provide us with their precious support beforehand.

Our field partners

All of the organizations that we work with on the ground are created and managed by locals who, we believe, are the ones who know the problems and needs of the country best. Moreover, building on existing structures allows us to support and strengthen their action, while respecting our mission and values. Finally, we sign agreements with each of our partner organizations in order to guarantee you a quality service and optimal security during your stay on the field.


Logo of the cameroonian associationFemmes d'AttaFemmes d’Atta is a Cameroonian association of women that aims to support all women living in or near the village of Atta, offering them a platform to unite and work. In this way, they can obtain complete autonomy and recognition of their social rights, while contributing to the local economic activity.


ColectivoG logoThe charity, Colectivo G promotes women’s rights and educates the local population on human rights issues in Bolivia.

website : www.colectivog.com (in spanish)

They believe in us

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Logo de Kiwanis International
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Logo Forum des Organisations de Solidarité Internationale issues des Migrations (FORIM)
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