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Empowering Women’s Projects” is a fundraising campaign to promote female empowerment for vulnerable women in both Cameroon and Bolivia. This project supports the development of women’s professional skills and micro businesses, in order to offer them opportunities leading to the best possible futures on a professional, social and personal level.

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Marina and her bakery project in Bolivia

Lifetime Projects : photo of Marina's bakery project in Bolivia

In order to support her son, Marina decided to learn all about baking.


Liliana and her fashion design project in Bolivia

Lifetime Projects : illustration du parrainage du projet de restauration de Liliana en Bolivie

In order to become an independent woman, Liliana chose to work in fashion design.


Lili and her cooking project in Bolivia

Lifetime Projects : photo of Lili's cooking project in Bolivia

After months spent in a refuge for women and learning cooking, Lili decided to make cooking her career.


Mama Niki and her grocery shop project in Cameroon

Lifetime Projects : photo of Mama Niki's grocery shop project in Cameroon

By diversifying her range of groceries, Mama Niki aims to fund her girls’ schooling.


Mama Magno and her chicken farming project in Cameroon

Lifetime Projects : photo of Mama Magno's chicken farming project in Cameroon

Literacy classes and a new chicken farm for Mama Magno.


Mama Astadiko and her boutique project in Cameroon

Lifetime Projects : photo of Mama Astadiko's boutique project in Cameroon

Thanks to her clothes shop, Mama Astadiko will be able to pay for her children’s schooling.


Who are the beneficiaries of this fundraising campaign?

In Bolivia, we work with young girls living in a refuge for victims of sexual abuse, prostitution and/or human trafficking. In these shelters, LifeTime Projects has set up professional traineeships as a part of the “Diseñando Sueños” reinsertion project. The women you can fund have already been supported by our charity in the development of their skills in handicraft, bakery, textile design, marketing and micro-entrepreneurship. Besides these traineeships, they also receive psychological support which helps them to regain their self-esteem and motivation, essential to their empowerment.

In Cameroon, many women have a very domestic social role. They often marry at adolescence and become mothers soon after, which limits their chances of accessing education or getting a well paid job. The women we work with are mostly illiterate. LifeTime Projects decided to help the women from the village of Atta to develop their aspirations. Through traineeships and personalized support, several women have set up their own businesses and developed their professional skills.

What is the role of LifeTime Projects in this funding campaign?

With our local partners in Cameroon and Bolivia, LifeTime Projects has worked closely with the young girls and women in these countries. Workshops and personalized monitoring have been put in place to help these women formulate professional projects and develop individual business plans. An independent panel has studied the women’s business plans to make sure they were viable and decided that 9 out of the 10 participating women would benefit from the program. Now LifeTime Projects is carrying out fundraising events and campaigns to raise funds for these women. The donations are then being divided between the different projects in proportion to the requirements of the agreed business plans. Each project and business woman is then being supported and monitored to ensure the succesful development of their project.

When all the necessary funds have been raised, any supplementary money will be allocated to new projects and new women. Since we support projects and not just people, our goal is to allow as many women as possible to set up a professional project, with the professional and social support they need to succeed.

Empowering Women’s Projects is a part of a global program which is working towards the establishment of a virtuous circle for the empowerment of women in Cameroon and Bolivia, and for the improvement of the role women play in society. This is why LifeTime Projects organizes the development and support of each project by sending qualified volunteers into the field as well as working alongside local people and experts.

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