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Groups and Families

LifeTime Projects offers you the chance to travel with your family, friends, club or community. A trip abroad where you can work together on a humanitarian project will be great fun and you will find yourselves becoming attached to the local people and country as you discover more about your destination. Together you will unravel a whole new culture and a way of life, completely different to yours.

Travelling with relatives:
Travelling together is the perfect way to bond with your family and discover a way of life very different to your own. A project with LifeTime Projects is the ideal way to develop a team spirit and solidarity within your group.
Unfortunately, for organizational reasons LifeTime Projects cannot accept children under 7 years-old at the time of departure.

When to go and for how long?

It’s always a good time to travel with LifeTime Projects. Our departure dates are flexible and our projects are conducted continuously throughout the year. You can go for as long as you want from a minimum of two weeks.

Do I need any specific knowledge?

No specific knowledge is required to participate on a project with LifeTime Projects. Our programmes are designed so that you learn everything necessary on site and with the supervision of our team. All you will need is the desire to discover a new culture and share your knowledge and/or talents. If you do have any special interests or knowledge, please let us know as we are always looking for innovative ideas and activities for our projects. Also, if you are a specialist in a certain field (particularly medical and social fields) we can place you where your expertise will be most beneficial.

How to finance your stay

By preparing in advance it is always possible to raise the necessary money to participate in a humanitarian trip. Why not organize a sponsored event or a garage sale with your family, friends or group? To give you ideas we have designed our Little booklet of fundraising ideas. In addition, our team is always ready to help and give advice on the various ways to raise funds for your departure.

Why go with LifeTime Projects?

At LifeTime Projects we organize your trip based on the needs and desires of your group. We handle all aspects of your trip: implementation and supervision of the humanitarian project of your choice, accommodation, food, and medical and travel insurance. Your group can choose to stay in the same accommodation or separately and you can choose to all work on the same project or individually on the project of your choice. Our team is available to discuss all these aspects with you.

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