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Our vision

We believe that the greatest encounter, which can forge strong bonds between people, is that which allows you to share moments of everyday life with the inhabitants of a country.

More than just visiting a culture, living it in total immersion

By discovering the world with LifeTime Projects, you will live unforgettable moments. Whether it be during your mission, with your host family or with the people you meet out and about, you will discover the culture and traditions of a country. Thanks to this complete immersion in the life of the country you will return with a real knowledge of the local culture.

Be part of a concrete action

Do you have difficulty knowing the impact your humanitarian activities will have? The best way to measure the usefulness of your actions is to work directly in the country that needs them! That is why LifeTime Projects guides you in the development and organization of your humanitarian mission in total immersion.

Make the difference, change your view of the world

Our humanitarian and ecological missions are designed to have a maximum impact local communities, but also on the volunteer who will return to his or her daily life enriched by a new perspective on the world.

We act where people need us most and where our presence is wanted. You will return feeling like you made a difference and contributed to a better world.

Leave your footprint

We hope to leave our footprint of sharing, love and mutual respect in the hearts of people we meet and work with.
Our association is independent of any political party or religious organization.

Whether in Cameroon, Bolivia, Guatemala or England, by discovering the world through a international development project allows us to gain a better understanding of its challenges. What seems a massive adventure will take a whole new dimension before, while and after your experience with LifeTime Projects.

To participate in a Humanitarian mission with LifeTime Projects is also to participate in sustainable development by helping populations and changing our vision of the world.