Photo illustrant un projet de Lifetime Projects en Bolivie : sensibilisation au tri des déchets dans un foyer infantile communautaire


Despite the current Bolivian government’s desire to establish stability in politics, the initiatives have encountered difficulties to solidify themselves in the long term. Furthermore, environmental management continues to be a major concern.

Unfortunately, Bolivie often partakes in corrupt activities which offer easy sources of income rather than focusing on sustainable development for present and future generations.

Presentation of the mission

Hogares Verdes which means “Green Homes” is an educational programme about ecological citizenship. The aim is to raise awareness for environmental issues within 6 Bolivian orphanages, in order to develop an understanding on selective sorting and recycling as a result of theoretical lessons throughout numerous sessions.

Furthermore, urban vegetable gardens will be set up permitting the local cultivation of organic products within partner refuges, and later the creation of a micro-market which will give these orphanages the chance to finance themselves.

The Hogares Verdes project follows an ecological, economical and social logic that entirely contributes to sustainable improvements in the living environment of Cochabamba’s inhabitants. The long term aim is to integrate environmental issues in local political discussions in order to continue developing environmentally friendly behaviour.

Your involvement

If you want to get involved in the environmental sector, there are many skills that can be useful in the Hogares Verdes project. Recycling, organic farming, sustainable development…

You can participate in the projects by sharing your knowledge and by proposing your own activities on the sustainable development and eco-citizenship theme, but also by sharing your personal experiences and enthusiasm to educate and engage young people coming from these Bolivian refuges about environmental issues.


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10 weeks2 488 €

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