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The Fundación Diseñando Sueños

The Diseñando Sueños Foundation works in favour of Bolivian youth. (Re)discover its expertise and its numerous projects!

Since 2014, the Designing Dreams Foundation has been working for Human Rights.

The “Designing Dreams” Foundation (Fundación Diseñando Sueños in Spanish, FDS for short) is a Bolivian non-for-profit organization created in 2014, in parallel with LifeTime Projects in France, as a result of the shared vision of their founders: Laetitia Craig, current International Director, and Pamela Michel, Country Director in Bolivia. Since its creation, the main goal of the foundation is to promote ethical international volunteering to support the work of residential care centres for children and adolescents in Cochabamba. With the help of international volunteers, we implement social projects envisioned to benefit Bolivian children, adolescents, and young people coming from a vulnerable environment. Through the work of Fundación Diseñando Sueños – LifeTime Projects Bolivia, we aim to encourage cultural exchanges and international solidarity. Since 2016 we have also been conducting several projects in care centres for children and adolescents, including programs for the social and professional integration of our beneficiaries, art therapy workshops, environmental awareness workshops and health interventions with specialized volunteers and institutional partners.

Throughout the years, the local team in Bolivia has acquired a wide experience in planning and implementing cooperation projects, working hand in hand with the staff at the children’s centres, the beneficiaries, the local authorities and local organizations. Our work is context and culturally sensitive and driven by a Human Rights approach.

Diseñando Sueños (‘Designing Dreams’ Project)

The project emerges from the need to provide children and adolescents living in care centres in Cochabamba with the tools and knowledge that will allow them to build a better future, empower themselves, and strengthen their employability options after leaving the centre. The project offers them vocational training programs such as sewing, baking, card making, and handicrafts, as well as workshops in soft skills, personal development, and entrepreneurial skills.

Impuls’Her Project

The project aims to facilitate the successful social and professional re-integration of adolescent girls after they leave the care centre. It provides beneficiaries with 3 years of constant psychosocial support, and it accompanies them to complete the vocational training program of their choice, allowing them to continue (and complete, if possible) their formal schooling. Empowered by the project, we aim for them to increase their chances of getting a decent job or to help them start their own micro-enterprise and earn a sustainable livelihood.

Hogares Verdes (‘Green Homes’ Project)

The project seeks to foster environmentally friendly and sustainable practices among children living in the care centres, as well as to allow them to become agents of change who can expand the impact of the project further in their local communities. To achieve this goal, we organize workshops on urban gardening, waste management, recycling/reusing waste, and agro-ecology training, the latter in collaboration with the Centre for Andean Agroforestry – Mollesnejta.

EncantArte (Art Therapy Project)

The project offers children and adolescents in care centres, participative artistic workshops which include music, theatre, dance, and painting. Through art therapy sessions, the project’s objectives are to strengthen beneficiaries’ self-esteem, to improve their relationship with their environment, and to provide them with a tool to communicate and channel their feelings and sensations.


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