Photo illustrant la mission proposée par Lifetime Projects "Stages santé au Cameroun et en Bolivie"

Are you currently studying in the medical field or working as a health professional? LifeTime Projects proposes to you international humanitarian training courses in Cameroon and Bolivia.

Our training courses concerning health follow the utmost ethical practices; project dossiers are subject to the review of local professionals living and to reputable practitioners who possess good knowledge of the  country. During your missions you will be able to conduct sessions about disease prevention, though most of your work will be assisting the local population and professionals in their actions.

Our training courses and missions are an undeniable advantage to enhance your curriculum and your personal experiences. The skills you will acquire and use on location will be your assets for your future, so be audacious and add a humanitarian experience to your resume!

LifeTime Projects offers you an international humanitarian internship in Cameroon or in Bolivia. For nursing, ergotherapy or psychomotricity students and teachers, this training course is recommended from at least your second year of study. However, it is recommended from your third year of training for physical therapy and orthophony students. Contact us to build your tailor-made project!

If you are a health professional, young graduate or retiree in the social, medical, paramedical or paediatric sector, being a part of our team gives real meaning to the communities you work with, your profession and to yourself.

Rates of donation for your humanitarian mission in Bolivia with LifeTime Projects

Number of weeks of stayRate of donation
3 weeks1 441 €
4 weeks1 590 €
5 weeks1 729 €
6 weeks1 866 €
7 weeks2 000 €
8 weeks2 131 €
9 weeks2 311 €
10 weeks2 488 €

Rates of donation for your humanitarian mission in Cameroon with LifeTime Projects

Number of weeks
of stay
Rate of donation
3 weeks1 454 €
4 weeks1 696 €
5 weeks 1 950 €

NB : after 10 weeks, the charged fee is 150 euros per extra week.

Students, businesses: see our rates for all our projects.

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