LifeTime Projects : illustration de la mission "Enseignement en Bolivie"


Being one of the poorest countries in Latin America, Bolivia struggles with the difficult childhood education situation. Difficulties faced by Bolivian children include child labour, lack of access to schooling, non-existent rights to education and health, poverty and more. In this perilous context, orphans are often disregarded and have to live with very few resources. LifeTime Projects operates in several refuges in Cochabamba where it is most necessary to build a better future for these children.

Presentation of the project:

Children welcomed by orphanages have often experienced abuse or psychological trauma. All suffer from a cruel lack of affection, and as such LifeTime Projects aims to remedy this by accompanying these children and young adults to help improve living conditions. Resources available in Bolivian orphanages are not sufficient to efficiently guide the children’s development.

Volunteers will be in charge of helping the children with daily activities such as homework, recreation and sport. To better respond  to their needs, LifeTime Projects is also committed to certain long term projects such as the construction and improvement of infrastructure for disabled children.

Simultaneously, LifeTime Projects leads missions to raise awareness in eco-citizenship in bolivian orphanages (discover our eco-citizenship project in Bolivian orphanages)

Your involvement

Your participation in Cochabamba’s orphanages will include playing and sharing moments with children to fill their days with happiness. During your mission, you will help them with homework, play music, sing, play together, practice sport etc…

No particular knowledge or experience is needed but it is desirable for you to be fluent in Spanish, so as to communicate more easily with the children.

Rates of donation for your humanitarian mission in Bolivia with LifeTime Projects

Number of weeks of stayRate of donation
3 weeks1 441 €
4 weeks1 590 €
5 weeks1 729 €
6 weeks1 866 €
7 weeks2 000 €
8 weeks2 131 €
9 weeks2 311 €
10 weeks2 488 €

NB : after 10 weeks, the charged fee is 150 euros per extra week.

Individuals, students, businesses: see our rates for all our projects

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