Lifetime Projects : illustration du parrainage du projet de magasin de vêtements de Mama Astadiko au Cameroun

Why is LifeTime Projects supporting Mama Astadiko ?

Mama Astadiko is 64 years old. Wanting to develop her business activity, she wishes to expand her clothes shop with new products imported from Nigeria. This way she could profit from more affordable prices and control the quality of her products, by going to Nigeria (on the Cameroonian border) herself to buy the products.

With the money obtained from your donations she wants to expand her network, to reach a wider clientele and to regularize her clients in order to make more profits. Your support will help her to send her adoptive children to school.

How much does it cost ?

Needed budget for this project (first year) = £ 757

Investment requirements

Cost in £

Stock349 €
Electricity and taxes 31 €
Transport and accommodation in the city of Douala187 €
Management fees (10%)57 €
Monitoring of the career path130 €
TOTAL757 €

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