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Volunteering projects in Bolivia

Bolivia is a typical Latin American country as it is full of colours and festivities where different cultures are mixed. Because of this Bolivia is a dynamic and lively country. Despite the high poverty rate, the country is rich in natural resources such as the famous Potosi silver mines. The Bolivian population is multiethnic with Amerindians, European, Asian, African and people of mixed-races. Because of these different cultures, Bolivia enjoys a wonderful diversity of traditions. Art, cooking, literature and music are rich and interesting fields to discover. Bolivia is growing at the rate of most Latin American nations today, balancing an ancient culture with the pressures of the worldwide market.

Environment and biodiversity

Going on a humanitarian mission in Bolivia will allow you to discover this country’s rich and precious environment. The climate varies according to the geographic areas and their altitudes. With Altiplano (temperate valleys of the centre), Amazonia and its East plains… The Bolivian landscape is a large part of its charm. Its biodiversity is incredible since it has an abundance of exotic plants and animals

Daily life, discovery of the country

On our Bolivian missions, you will learn how to adapt and immerse yourself into the daily lives of the local people and respect their traditions and culture. Bolivian standard time is 6 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Spanish is the main language spoken in Bolivia, and English is not really used. The food is not particularly varied, though is generous and hearty. Bolivia is rich in terms of music as well, they have many different styles that are often played at festivals and other events.
While on a humanitarian mission in Bolivia, you will be able to enjoy some free time to visit the country. You will have two days off per week that will allow you to travel.

Total immersion in local culture

Participating in a humanitarian mission in Bolivia involves far more than simply taking part in an international development project. It involves immersing yourself in a country with a different culture than your own.
Live a humanitarian mission in total immersion’ is the motto of LifeTime Projects. Housed with Bolivian families, you will discover their daily lives. Bolivia has a lot to offer in terms of food, music and tradition.

Welcome to Cochabamba

Located at an altitude of 2500 meters, Cochabamba is situated in the heart of Bolivia and South America.

Known as ‘The city of eternal spring’, Cochabamba benefits from a temperate climate and sun all year long.

The city is surrounded by the Andes mountain range that offers a breathtaking panoramic view. The colonial architecture in the center of the city remains intact. The main square is always lively because of regular debates, stands/stalls or festivities.


Check out COCHABAMBA on Wikipedia

Discover Bolivia with LifeTime Projects

Choose your traineeship or humanitarian project

Professional integration for adolescents in Bolivia

Photo illustrant la mission "Insertion professionnelle pour les femmes en Bolivie", avec Lifetime Projects

Help young girls develop their skills by teaching them technical abilities and handicraft, as well as the basics of entrepreneurship.


Orphanages in Bolivia

Photo illustrant la mission "Orphelinat en Bolivie", avec Lifetime Projects

By helping these children with their education and personal development, you will participate in building a better future for them.


Teaching in Bolivia

Lifetime Projects : mission d'enseignement en Bolivie

Share your knowledge in public schools with students from all levels. They are very enthusiastic and eager to learn!


Green homes: ecological citizenship in orphanages in Bolivia

Photo illustrant un projet de Lifetime Projects en Bolivie : sensibilisation au ri des déchets dans un foyer infantile communautaire

Eco-Citizenship classes can raise children’s awareness of environmental issues while improving the living environment of the local population.


Health internship in Bolivia

Photo illustrant la mission proposée par Lifetime Projects "Stages santé au Cameroun et en Bolivie"

Are you a student or health professional? We offer internships adapted to your area of expertise, within our projects.


Student humanitarian internships

Photo illustrant le pays d'action des missions humanitaires et écologiques : la Bolivie

Live the humanitarian experience during your studies or career to put your skills to a good cause and value your resume !


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