Become a volunteer with LifeTime Projects!

Engage yourself with LifeTime Projects! Help us to lead actions in France, Great-Britain and abroad while becoming volunteer in our association.

Become a volunteer in your home country

Contact us to join LifeTime Projects and to participate to our promotion activities of the culture of our destination countries !

If you live in the region of Strasbourg (Alsace, France), you would be able to take part to LifeTime Projects events, to help us to host boothes of our association, to take part to flyers distributions, to organise self-financing events, etc…

If you live in another French-speaking country (Belgium, Switzerland, etc.), and are wiling to help us to develop our action or organise activities, we can send flyers or posters to you, while authorising you to use the LifeTime Projects universe to promote humanitarian actions!

Become a volunteer abroad

LifeTime Projects offers a large selection of projects adapted to your needs, wishes, and interests. For example, you can work in an orphanage in Bolivia, in public schools or at the university in Bolivia, in a search and rescue team in Bolivia, in an organic farm in South-England, in a refuge for wild animals in Gutemala, etc… There is a project for every body, and no threshold skills are required, we just need your enthusiasm!

Alone, with your family or in a group, whatever is your age, there is always a good reason to do a humanitarian trip!

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