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Becoming a volunteer

Become involved with LifeTime Projects! Give some of your time to our charity, in France or abroad; take part in promoting foreign cultures and fundraising as well as causing awareness about the issues that concern you.

Becoming a volunteer in France

If you are living in Strasbourg or its surroundings, you will be able to participate at some LifeTime Projects events, helping us with:

  • holding stands at local events and fairs;
  • distributing flyers;
  • organising fundraising events


If you are living in another area/region of France or abroad, and would like to help us to develop, we can send you flyers and other material, whilst allowing you to use the LifeTime Projects universe in order to promote your actions around humanitarianism.

Becoming a volunteer abroad

LifeTime Projects develops a selection of humanitarian and ecological missions, according to your wishes and centers of interest. You could work in an orphanage in Bolivia, on an organic farm in the south of England, in a refuge for wild animals in Guatemala… There is a mission for everybody, and for a lot of our projects no prior knowledge is required, you just have to want to give some of your time for a humanitarian cause!

Alone, in a group or as a family, whatever your age or situation, there is always a good reason to join an international development project.

Ready to volunteer? Contact us