Photo illustrant la mission "Ferme bio en Angleterre", avec Lifetime Projects


In terms of biological agriculture, protection of the environment and sustainable development, the biological tendency is developing substantially. To help you to understand the stakes placed on our ecological future, LifeTime Projects is offering you a project based on the protection of the planet. Through total immersion in a biological farm, you will discover rural life in England at the edge of the cities, where an ecological and environmental transition is occurring.

Presentation of the mission

LifeTime Projects initiated a partnership with a biological farm in England that is dedicated to ecological research. During your mission scientific researchers will accompany you in order to develop nature conservation activities and sustainable development. Your participation will allow you to discover the many facets of agriculture, biological livestock farming, biodiversity research and the animals. This mission is ideal for the volunteers who are involved in environmental research and the protection of animal and plant species. This mission would also be suited to those interested in the bio-universe.

The biological farm is also an ecotherapy centre that welcomes people who suffer from handicaps. Volunteers will therefore be able to interact with a diverse range of people from all walks of life, and join them in activities on the farm. Should you require more information regarding the ecological farm, we invite you to watch the documentary titled Tomorrow (Demain) by Cyril Dion and and Mélanie Laurent. The film focuses on agriculture in Totnes, one of the farms is owned by our partner, Ambios. (see the trailer of the movie Tomorrow)

Group activities

If you decide to partake in this ecological adventure as a group, our team can offer activities specifically tailored to the group’s interests and needs. For a financial contribution, LifeTime Projects and the farm team can offer your group the opportunity to:

  • cook complete meals using wild plants (nettles, berries, etc.);
  • learn the beneficial effect of the local medicinal plants;
  • learn how to make a fire and construct huts;
  • observe the local animals in their night time setting;
  • discover the farm’s activities;
  • share relaxing moments with a regional storyteller;
  • observe the stars;
  • … and go canoeing.


Please note that these activities will vary according to seasons and the time of the year requested to participate in the mission.

This mission could become a perfect part of a firm’s journey. The activities are adapted to societies that have already started a team-building program. In addition to that, it is ideal for the firms that are looking to raise employee awareness towards ecological importance.


At the time of your mission, we offer you atypical accommodations during your stay in England, such as yurts, wood houses or manors. Subject to availability, a host family is located nearby to host the volunteers. [ get more information about your accomodation ]

Your involvement

During your mission you will have the opportunity to discover the multiple facets of biological agriculture, biodiversity research, and the breeding and protection of animals in England.

Please note that English language skills are essential in order to participate in this mission. It would also be preferable for you to be open-minded and to support environmental conservation activities. Lastly, you may be subjected to challenging conditions, for example living outside and working in extreme weather.

It is therefore important that you enjoy being outdoors and embrace all of the adventure that comes with it.

Rates of donation for your ecological mission in England with LifeTime Projects

Number of weeks
of stay
Rate of donation
2 weeks885 €
3 weeks1 309 €
4 weeks1 725 €
5 weeks2 133 €

NB : after 10 weeks, the charged fee is 150 euros per extra week.

Individuals, students, businesses: see our rates for all our projects.

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