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Are you required to complete an internship as a part of your studies? If so, whatever your area of study, we offer flexible internships which are tailored to suit your professional and personal interests. Our internships and missions are an undeniable advantage if you want to enhance your curriculum and your personal experiences. So… be audacious and add a humanitarian mission to your background!

Various countries are involved in our activities and these internships can take place in countries such as Bolivia, Guatemala, England, Cameroon (and Colombia soon). We are particularly looking for volunteers working in following sectors:

  • Management and accounting (to help local administrations)
  • Communication (events, social networks, videos, documentaries)
  • Health (Cameroon and Bolivia)
  • Agriculture, ecology, alternative energies (England)
  • Veterinary sciences, ecology, zoology, marine biology (Guatemala)
  • Arts (creation of artistic sessions in refuge’s in Cameroon, Bolivia and Colombia)
  • Management, entrepreneurship, business administration, marketing (Cameroon and Bolivia)
  • Project management
  • Childcare (education, entertainment)
  • Translations (English and Spanish)


Some internships are more urgent in certain countries, so do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information. Lifetime Projects is at your disposal to help you build your personal project that is adapted to your needs and those of the local organizations.

Training courses can be done during a thesis, as a professional experience at the end of a degree, or a as summer internship. All internships proposed by Lifetime Projects are presented in the form of a contract. An experience like this will be a real asset to your professional aspirations, and will you certainly have the time of your life!

The cost of an internship varies from person to person according to your needs. Our programs are very flexible and our team  will do everything they can to make you feel most comfortable with what to expect from your mission.

Are you ready to go? Apply now!