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Volunteering projects in England

England is only 30 km away from the French coasts, the green shades of the French countryside contrast with the White Cliffs of Dover and the red of the street furniture, offering a wonderful sight. Well known for locals with a sense of humour, pubs and afternoon tea, England is a country with something for everyone. England is a mixing pot of eclectic and multicultural music, art, food, style and people.

England has been known to use its unique culture of eccentricity to pioneer original initiatives in fields such as environmental protection, renewable energy and  trade. England is therefore not only country rich in culture, geography and society, but also in terms of progressive.

Environment and biodiversity

Well known for being unpredictable and random, England has a temperate oceanic climate that creates fertile soil and the iconic green fields. The majority of the population resides in the south, known as ‘the British Garden’ for its fertile land. The lightly undulating terrain rises in the North with the limestone Pennines, and the Cumberland gap with peaks that form the skyline of the Lake District. The London basin forms a group of plains and hills in which industries and several cities were established. England also has an abundance of national parks offering breathtaking landscapes.

Daily life, discovery of the country

To go on a ecological mission in England, you need to know how to adapt to the daily life of the local population and respect their living conditions. A good level of English is useful for the mission and to communicate with your host family. England is a country where food is diverse and delicious; you will discover true British food during family meals or in restaurants.

While on a ecological mission in England, you will be able to enjoy free time to visit the country. You will have two days off per week that will enable you to travel.

Total immersion in local culture

Going on a humanitarian mission in England is more than just taking part in an international development project. It involves immersing yourself into a country and discovering a culture that is different from your own. Live a humanitarian experience in total immersion is the motto of our association. The British people are warm, welcoming and would be delighted to share their culture with you. Within the bio-diverse farm, you will experience the daily life of the locals and learn what is at stake from the city’s ecological perspective.

Welcome to Totnes

Located in Devon, Totnes is a town in the South West of England with a population of 8500 which is renowned for its historical past and recent ecological movement called Transition City. This movement draws its inspiration from simple principles: Take care of the ground and the men, share fairly the resources within society. It allows for the development of local initiatives, to optimise the consumption of resources and redistribute a part of the economy by encouraging inhabitants to be agents of change.

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