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Organise a corporate project

LifeTime Projects will assume the whole logistic of your corporate project. We will work with the Human Resources Service and/or with the Work Council and with employees who will leave for elaborating a stay adapted to the needs of the company and of traveling employees.

Flexibility is our strength

We can offer a programm which will suit totally to yours attempts. Our projects can unipersonal, or common to the whole team. Our dates of departure are flexible and can be set when you want. We understand that you have priorities and we will adapt to reality of your company.

What is the cost for your company ? Depending on goals and particularities of the project chosen by your company, you will be able to finance a part or the totality of travel costs or simply organise the whole logistic with LifeTime Projects, letting costs to those that want to leave.

Choose your project

You can choose the project you want in the destination you want. Projects in England are well-suiting for companies wanting to develop teamwork-capabilities of their employees, or wanting to set a team-building programm. Further than the missions of our projects, some specialists can train your employees to the importance of teamwork and to its issues.

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