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Why pay to volunteer in international development?

Contrary to popular belief, the costs of a humanitarian or ecological mission are not limited to housing and food on site. Indeed, organizing international solidarity projects is an expensive matter and the costs of living on site are only part of the bill. As a volunteer, it is important that you know why your donation is essential.

But why pay when I am already giving my time and my energy?

A volunteer mission generates many costs that one does not always suspect, and organizing a volunteer project abroad is a complex matter. Indeed, it is necessary to succeed in conciliating the needs and demands of the different groups involved: the volunteers, the partner association (LifeTime Projects), and the local population benefiting from the humanitarian or ecological mission in which the volunteers are involved.

Before your departure as a volunteer, there is a long process of preparation and management to ensure the smooth running of a quality mission that will meet the real needs of the local population. Therefore, expenses begin as soon as the mission is being prepared, well before the volunteer arrives. Lets not forget that the LifeTime Projects team is made up of full time professionals to ensure our projects are effective and respectful of the local cultures.

To get us known

The association has to spread awareness regarding its humanitarian and ecological missions, which implies communication costs. These costs include printing brochures, participating in stands, forums and fairs, organizing charity events, designing and maintaining the website… It also includes the running costs of the association, in order to guarantee optimal quality services adapted to everyone.

On site costs

Although the cost of living abroad is generally lower than in Europe, volunteers must obviously contribute to their personal expenses such as food and accommodation. But on site costs are not limited to this: they can include transport costs, local staff costs, material and maintenance costs, organization of training and necessary insurances.

Infrastructure creation and investment

For some projects, the creation of infrastructures or investments may be necessary; each volunteer absorbs some of these costs through financial participation. All these costs are essential to the successful conduct of humanitarian missions, it is therefore important that each volunteer participates through their donation, in order to sustain the activities set up.

After the mission

When volunteers return to France, the expenses do not stop for the association. Indeed, it is necessary to do an evaluation and a follow-up of the missions carried out, which can generate additional costs. For example, when government grants are given, accountability for the use of the money is required.

All projects must also be regularly reassessed to ensure their relevance to local needs.

It is also necessary to take into account possible expenses related to the evaluation of the mission, but also the administrative, legal and office automation expenses supported by the association.

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