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Finance your humanitarian mission

You want to participate in a mission proposed by LifeTime Projects, but the budget is an obstacle for you? We offer ideas to help you with financing. Here are some tips to anticipate your departure and ideas to raise the necessary funds for your mission!

Financing your humanitarian mission, it’s easy!

Take time to get organized

Start planning your trip preferably one year or more before your departure date. This way, you won’t be caught short during your fundraising.

Don’t stay alone in the procedures

Surround yourself! Do not hesitate to involve your loved ones. They will be there to support you in difficult times and help you overcome drops of motivation.

Estimate your overall budget

This is imperative before you begin your fundraising. Estimating your budget gives you an idea of how much to raise. The LifeTime Projects team will accompany you to carry out a calculation adapted to your mission, given that your participation covers the majority of the expenses of the stay.

Rely on LifeTime Projects

Throughout your adventure, you can benefit from advice and publicity to promote your project. Flyers, posters or brochures, we can provide you with a package to help you promote your mission, in all simplicity!

How to fund your humanitarian mission?

To fund your humanitarian or ecological mission, there are many solutions. LifeTime Projects accompanies you in all the steps to support you in your fundraising. Here are some ways to help with financing:

Use your network

Start by getting closer to the people around you and rely on your network. This way, your loved ones will feel involved. Driven by a unifying and supportive dynamic, they will prove useful. Your network is, therefore, a real asset for your mission!

Organize events

To raise funds, you can also organize sports, cultural or festive events. The profits will be used to finance your mission. In addition to having a pleasant and friendly time, people will appreciate knowing that it is to support a good cause!

Launch a crowdfunding campaign

Participatory financing is a fairly recent trend that consists in bringing people together around the project so that they participate at their scale in your fundraising. Nowadays, there are several online platforms dedicated to crowdfunding. We advise you to use ULULE, which is the first European participatory financing site.

Reach out to the media

The press and media are often interested in this kind of original initiative. So you can contact them and try to get them to follow you throughout your adventure. It is a way for you to promote your project while hoping to raise awareness so that people participate in your fundraising. The media is a very good way to give a voice to your action.

Solicit businesses and schools

You can also contact your school or your company. Indeed, they may agree to participate in the financing of your humanitarian mission. This enhances their involvement in international and solidarity issues. It is, therefore, a potential source of funding for your fundraising.

Apply for a grant

Today, there are many organizations that support young people wishing to go on humanitarian missions. To do so, you can contact the following local administrations:

  • Your general or regional council;
  • Your town hall;
  • The Ministry of Youth and Sports.


You can also reach out to other national organizations. Some banks also offer attractive opportunities to promote the international mobility of young people.

Still wondering how to finance your humanitarian mission? LifeTime Projects has put together a detailed guidebook (In French only for now !) with many ideas to help you raise the funds you need for your mission:

Download the guidebook in PDF (in french)

Once you have raised the necessary amount, don’t forget to thank all of the people who participated, directly or indirectly, in your adventure. Without them, it would have been much more difficult to achieve your goal! Don’t hesitate to bring them a souvenir, or to organize an evening on your return to share your experience. This way, they will know why you got involved, and the ones who have participated in the financing will be able to appreciate the meaning you have given to their money. The human and intercultural exchange is very enriching, share your experience!