Why do humanitarian efforts with your school?

There are many advantages for a student and his/her school to do humanitarian efforts:
  • An enriching experience: the humanitarian project is a unique occasion for a student to live an experience which will help him in his development..
  • Understanding of current international issues: globalisation, poverty, sustainable development, etc. All these abstract notions will look more concrete after a humanitarian experience.
  • Languages development: Even the chosen project, students would be able to develop their competences in English or Spanish, two of the most-spoken languages in the world.
  • Discovering of a new culture: Discover the world and other cultures helps to put a more critical regard on your own, and to be more open-minded.
  • Closer students: a humanitarian project creates links between students and helops to create a better team.
  • Development of new skills: the humanitarian project helps to distance yourself from everyday life, and to develop skills. It is also an opportunity to develop intercultural competences. The learning of a new language (Spanish) or its improvement is also a strength.
  • School image : a collaboration with LifeTime Projects will improve the image of your school, while showing the interest you have for ethics and sustainable development.
LifeTime Projects helps students to live individually, and teachers/organisations wanting to organise a humanitarian and cross-cultural group project.

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