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Testimonial from Mr. Godmet about his mission in Cameroon

By 7 April 2017August 16th, 2019Cameroon, Testimonials, To publish
Photo illustrant l'article de Lifetime Projects : "Mission au Cameroun", témoignage de Monsieur Godmet

Femmes d’Atta is an association created by motivated and willing women who are eager to acquire knowledge in order to build their professional project.

Let’s go to Atta! (testimonial from Mr. Godmet)

Atta is an authentic village in Cameroon, accessible after about ten hours of bus and about three to four hours of bush taxi. In Atta, time no longer means anything. You have to experience events when they occur. There is no question of being punctual, the day goes on as it happens. We offer literacy classes that starts at 8:30am. The number of students varies depending on the time of day. Sometimes, we start with one student at the opening and can have up to 20 people by 11am… you have to adapt to the pace!

The village is human-sized, it is located at the bottom of the mountains, surrounded by forests with varied vegetation: coffee trees, banana trees, mango trees, an ideal space for walks.

The villagers open their doors and are proud to show their work. There is no electricity. Most of the products consumed come from the village such as palm oil, local beer or corn couscous. It is very easy to interact with the inhabitants, thanks in particular to the curiosity of the children who are just waiting to learn new things. It is a real African adventure, an immersion in a culture rich in folklore.


You are inspired by this mission and want to join the adventure?

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