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Testimonial from Louis about his mission in the wild animal rescue center in Guatemala

By 2 April 2019August 16th, 2019Guatemala, Testimonials, To publish
Photo du témoignage de Louis Marquenet, en mission dans un refuge pour animaux au Guatemala avec LifeTime Projects

Louis has just completed two solidarity missions with LifeTime Projects in Guatemala: one in the Florès wild animal rescue center, then the other on the sea turtle and mangrove conservation project.

“Being an integral part of the local teams on site ready to give everything for these animals was a very rich experience. To realize how beautiful nature is, but also how cruel the world is to mistreat such beautiful animals.

It was a real pleasure to give my time during this mission in Guatemala. I acted for a good cause and met very friendly and warm people, with whom the language barrier quickly disappeared. With gestures and smiles, it is so easy to understand each other; as far as I am concerned, I speak English, French and have some knowledge of Spanish.

Although animals are not my passion and are not part of my professional project, I wish EVERYONE to live this experience that cannot be described with words.

I go back home with memories that I will never forget, and I would like to thank all ARCAS members on site and Lifetime Projects for their reliability and organization.”


You are inspired by this mission and want to join the adventure?

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