Tamara’s testimonial in Bolivia

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There is not a day, not a second without adventures in Bolivia

Bolivia is Latin America as we imagine it. The large spaces, the Salar d’Uyuni (Salt Lake), Lake Titicaca, the colonial city of Sucre and of course the ponchos, llamas; the multicolor hats, etc… They are also so many different cultures entwined: the Quechan Indians, the Ayamaras, the crillos, and the afro-bolivians… they are all smiley and welcoming.

My favorite: the Salar d’Uyuni in the south west of Bolivia is at 4000 meters above sea level. Its breathtaking landscapes are completely isolated and submitted to rough climatic conditions where you can live an unforgettable experience. The white salt desert, the red and green lakes, volcanoes, geysers, and herds of llamas or flamingos… I could continue talking about it for hours. It was an unforgettable journey in a 4×4 in one of the most secluded corners of our planet!

IMG_7551I also have a wonderful memory of the province of Chapare situated in the north of the region of Cochabamba. This is a region described as « tropical » where we were welcomed into a Bolivian family, allowing us to live a unique experience.
Our days were full of markets, fishing, swimming in rivers as well as meeting the population.

One trip is not enough to discover all the wonders Bolivia has to offer, which is an advantage because once we set foot there, we have just one wish…to go back!!!

Tam, 4 weeks in Bolivia in May 2009

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