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Stéphanie’s experience in an organic farm in England

Hello everyone!

My name is Stéphanie and I am the first person who went to Totnes thanks to LifeTime Projects! I am still here for another 4 weeks and it is an incredible adventure! First of all I love England which is a good thing. Besides, the place is very peaceful! I am in the countryside and I enjoy the peace and quiet! Then there is the team: Jack, who is the person in charge of the project, is really awesome just like the rest of the team! I live in the Bunkhouse on site, it is like a home and several of us live there! At the beginning of last week I experienced sleeping in a Yourte!! I recommend trying it but make sure you take warm blankets with you because it is not so hot there! When I arrived, there were other volunteers who had already been here for 3 months and so I felt a little bit left out because they were leaving on the 28 and so all the attention was on them…which was normal but I didn’t feel very comfortable! Today, all is well and I feel like part of the Family ! 🙂

Let’s talk about the tasks. Every day I do something different, one day I do nature conservation work and the next day I do some horticulture! We also work with persons with disabilities, young or old, and it is wonderful to see them blossoming every time they give us a hand and we ask them to do something! We spend 6 hours a day with these wonderful people and for me, it is the best part of this adventure! What is most difficult for me is the landscape : I come from Belgium and I have to admit that I am not used to all these hills, however, it forces me to do some exercise ! 😉 But what was really hard, the first 3 days, was to get used to speaking English everyday and above all to hear people speak! In school, our teachers have a Belgian accent when they speak English and so we are used to listening to them or listening to audio tapes, but like we say “it is perfect English”! Here it’s the south of England and they people have their own pronunciation! But no worries, after a few days you get used to it!

Anyhow, I really recommend the project in Totnes, it is an experience out of the ordinary and I will return home calm and in full bloom. I wish you all a good day!