Lifetime Projects : illustration du parrainage du projet de pâtisserie de Marina en Bolivie

Why is Lifetime Projects supporting Marina* ?

Marina is 15 years old. She is really talented in creating things with her hands; she created jewellery and textile handicrafts when she took part in the workshops lead by Lifetime Projects. Marina is meticulous and hardworking. She is a young shy girl and all she hopes for is to express her talent and to create a future for herself. She has a passion for baking and would like to develop her own baking business.

* the name has been changed to protect the identity of the young woman.

How much does it cost ?

Budget target for this project (first year) = £ 477

Investment requirements

Cost in £

Cooking equipment
(oven, gas bottle, mixer, kitchen utensils...)
179 £
Raw materials
(flour, sugar)
58 £
Monitoring of Marina’s career path and psychological support
(2h per month during a minimum of 6 months)
196 £
Management fees44 £
TOTAL477 £

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