Lifetime Projects : illustration du parrainage du projet de création de mode de Liliana en Bolivie

Why is Lifetime Projects supporting Liliana* ?

Liliana is 14 years old. During our meetings, she shared her fears, her difficulties, her resources, and her strengths with us. She mainly communicated her wish to progress and to become an example to her family. Her main objective is to have a job which uses her talents and to give her younger brothers the stability she didn’t have.
Liliana shows great curiosity and an interest in art, handicraft and cooking. Bright and smart, we believe that she has the ability to achieve her goals.
After several meetings and after validation of her project by an independent panel, Liliana has decided to start a career in the fashion design industry.

* the name has been changed to protect the identity of the young woman.

How much does it cost ?

Budget target for this project (first year) = £ 491

Investment requirements

Cost in £

3 months-course in advanced sewing and fashion design111 £
Professional sewing machine140 £
Monitoring of Liliana’s career path and psychological support
(2h per month, during a minimum of 6 months)
196 £
Management fees44 £
TOTAL491 £

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