Photo : entreprenariat féminin au Cameroun : une réussite avec Impuls'Her Project !


In Cameroon, women are ostracized and still have a domestic role in society. Many forced marriages are organized every year, and pregnancy at an early age is also very frequent within families living in precarious situations. Women do not have a valued position in the Cameroonian labour market, and as such, LifeTime Project chose to support the Initiation to Informatics project, to help women to emancipate professionally.

Logo de l'association Femmes d'Atta au CamerounPresentation of the mission

LifeTime Projects works with the Cameroonian association Femmes d’Atta by proposing sessions, training courses and individual follow-up meetings. These sessions are designed in favor of the personal and professional emancipation of the 30 women who will benefit from this project.

During this mission, volunteers will organize sessions on informatics in order to give these women the necessary skills to become independent and launch their own company.

Considering most of these women are aged between 16 and 60 and either couldn’t go to school or have received very little education, the aim of this mission is to teach them the basics of informatics.

Access to technology and the acquisition of knowledge will allow these women from Atta to personally and professionally develop themselves by encouraging them improve their business and social skills. Lastly, a personal follow-up will be set up to guide these women throughout the process.

Your involvement

As a part of this Initiation to Informatics mission, you will participate in improving the living conditions of these women by giving them the tools necessary to become professionally independent. To ensure the best possible execution of the sessions, it would be preferable for you to know the basics of informatics, internet use and the Microsoft Office Suite.

Rates of donation for your humanitarian mission in Cameroon with LifeTime Projects

Number of weeks
of stay
Rate of donation
3 weeks1 454 €
4 weeks1 696 €
5 weeks 1 950 €

NB : after 10 weeks, the charged fee is 150 euros per extra week.

Individuals, students, businesses: see our rates for all our projects.

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