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Animal news from Guatemala

By 9 December 2014January 30th, 2018Destinations, Guatemala, To publish


This year, thanks to the work of our partners in Guatemala, 38,000 sea turtle eggs were incubated to protect them until ready to hatch. The reproduction rate was even higher than last year and so there is a lot of work for our volunteers!


The number of injured animals that come to our shelter in the city of Peten continues at a high rate and is evidence that we have much to do to provide protection, but also still have a long way to go with educating the local and international community about the animals and the environment.

Here are just two of the stories about the animals arriving at our shelter this year:
– “Monday, October 27. During the night, the shelter received an adult male jaguar about 2 years old. The animal had suffered multiple injuries caused by gun. He was hypothermic, dehydrated and in a state of shock. Despite all the efforts of our team of veterinarians, his condition could not be stabilized and he died of a heart attack an hour and twenty minutes after his arrival at the shelter. “

Guatemala : refuge pour animaux sauvagesIn April this parrot chick, a “yellow nape amazon” was confiscated from traffickers and handed over to the Parque Hawaii.

Stop wildlife trafficking in Guatemala !!!

For more information or if you wish to participate in one of our projects in Guatemala, please contact us.