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Cartes de vœux du peintre Colombien Ruben Crespo

Buy our goods this Christmas

Christmas cards and crafts, all designed and manufactured by the girls of the orphanage “Nuestra casa” in Bolivia: For orphans, learning a trade offers access to a dignified life. Through craft workshops we help girls to develop and enhance their skills and opportunities. Support their efforts by purchasing their products.

Columbian painter Ruben Crespo made those cards for us, all profits will be donated to our humanitarian and cultural projects.

For more info please contact us at:

Becoming a supporter:

cartes de vœux du peintre Colombien Ruben Crespo

Postcards from columbian painter Ruben Crespo

  • Gives you a discount at our events
  • Enables us to finance our project






Becoming a donor:

Cartes de vœux du peintre Colombien Ruben Crespo

Postcards from columbian painter Ruben Crespo

  • Your donation will allow us to continue our work in all our different destinations. In 2015 for example, we hope to continue the rebuilding of the orphanage in Bolivia and continue employment workshops for their girls. In Guatemala, we hope to finance the construction of new shelters for animals arriving at the centre ;
  • Your donation may be tax deductible.




Volunteering in France:

Guatemala : Deux hommes en barque

Guatemala : two men in a boat

We are constantly looking for volunteers to help us with:

  • The preparation and dissemination of written materials (e-mails, flyers, brochures, website etc.)
  • Designing and organizing fund raising events
  • Fundraising via sponsorship and financial subsidies.
  • Designing and updating our website and all other means of communication.


Volunteering in one of our partner countries:

Giving your time is one of the most precious gifts you can make. Whether you choose to work with abandoned children, people with temporary difficulties or endangered animals, your time and your work will help in many different ways.

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