Flora’s testimonial in an orphanage in Bolivia

Last June I went to Bolivia with the “BDH” (Humanitarian Office of the Strasbourg Business School of Management) to help out in Maria Christina orphanage.

As soon as we decided to join a project with LifeTime Projects, they were ever so helpful and available. Before our departure, during various Saturdays, Laetitia organised workshops about humanitarian issues and Bolivia.

In Bolivia, we were placed in host families. The first days we discovered our family, the city and the orphanage with the help of the local LifeTime Projects team.

Even though we were not specialised in the area, we took care of disabled people of all ages, all of them very endearing; the children asked for nothing more than our time and our attention.

Alongside our activities with the children, we were to build a physiotherapy room. As the days went by, we worked away to the pace of guitars, djembes, trowels and brushstrokes.

At first, I was quite overwhelmed by the centre, by everything we had to do and how to do it. But the architect, the social workers and the members of LifeTime Projects were there to reassure us. I have come across some very generous, down to earth people with a great sense of hospitality. Our host families became our parents, our brothers and our sisters!

This mission has been a wonderful and enriching experience and I would relive this adventure again without the slightest hesitation.

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