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Anne’s testimonial in an orphanage in Bolivia

I went to Cochabamba, Bolivia with the non-profit organization, LifeTime Projects for 15 days. I went to two different orphanages where I was able to bring my help by participating in the different tasks of daily life there: personal hygiene (tooth brushing, showers and hand washing), I also participated in the different workshops set up for the children, teaching, painting, coloring and drawing…

I also had the opportunity to organize a workshop about hygiene in order to make the children aware of the importance of hand and body hygiene, tooth brushing, general cleaning and food hygiene. We also helped make them aware of the risks and forms of contamination. It was a very enriching and interesting experience that helped me open up a lot on a personal and emotional level. The mental strength that I acquired on site is incredible; it really helps put our day-to-day problems into perspective.