Photo illustrant une mission de Lifetime Projects, dans un orphelinat en Bolivie

A small amount of your time can change lives…

In Bolivia we work with state-owned orphanages (rather than privately owned ones), as this is where our help is most needed. In a country ravaged by poverty, orphanages are often forgotten and have to survive on extremely scarce resources.

The children, often victims of abandonment and/or abuse, lack of care and affection.If you would like to support these children, this Project is for you.

We work with children of all ages, from birth to adulthood, and their needs and abilities are very diverse.Your mission will be to help with homework, teach them your language, play music and sing or any other activity you may wish to share with them.You could teach them basic hygiene. However, the principal objective of your stay is to spend time with the children and fill their days with happiness and laughter.

In order to meet the long-term needs of the orphanages we also aim to build new sanitary blocks, for example, or set up mini-farms.If these works are being carried out during your stay do not be surprised if you are asked to give a helping hand!

Required qualifications

A smile, some time and love to give!!! No specific qualification is required for this project!


Rates of donation for your humanitarian mission in Bolivia with LifeTime Projects

Number of
weeks of stay
2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks5 weeks6 weeks7 weeks8 weeks9 weeks10 weeks
Rate of donation1 280 €1 431 €1 580 €1 719 €1 856 €1 990 €2 121 €2 301 €2 478 €

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